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Over 800 Taiwan residents have passed vocational qualification tests of some popular industries of the mainland according to the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

More than 800 Taiwan residents have passed vocational qualification tests of the mainland, said a spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office.

With the implementation of "31 measures", which was issued last year, aiming to provide Taiwan residents living on the mainland the same treatment as local residents, more and more Taiwan compatriots are benefiting from the preferential policies.

The spokesperson Zhu Fenglian said around 1,600 Taiwan teachers have taken their positions in 200 universities of the mainland and 72 Taiwan-born experts are listed among a top-level national talents project.

Last year, the mainland introduced 17 TV plays from Taiwan and 800 Taiwan residents were invited to participate in various TV programs in the mainland.

The "31 measures" and "26 measures" issued in November would definitely provide more opportunities for Taiwan cultural and show business personalities to display their talent and bring more opportunities for cultural cooperation between Taiwan and the mainland, said the spokesperson.

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